DELTA HARBOUR ASSETS INC Customer Acknowledgement

Customer herein Acknowledges that:

  1. Each transaction made by the customer is a purchase or sale of physical precious metals product for immediate delivery and is not a “FUTURES CONTRACT, OPTION ON A FUTURES CONTRACT” OR “SECURITIES” transaction.

  2. Purchases made for drop shippment (Home Delivery) must be paid in full, including all related costs, prior to shipment.

  3. Customer has the intent, but not the obligation to take home delivery.

  4. All conversations between Customer and DELTA HARBOUR ASSETS INC may be recorded.

  5. All orders (purchase or sale) made by the Customer with DELTA HARBOUR ASSETS INC are final and therefore, not subject to cancellation or modification, unless the parties agree.

  6. The decision of the Customer to purchase or sell bullion product/s is solely that of the customer. The Customer is aware of the inherent risks involved in owning precious metals.

  7. Separate fees charged to the Customer by DELTA HARBOUR ASSETS INC. are a maximum of 15% of the total market value of metals on the first purchase only and 0% of the total market value of metals on subsequent sales or purchases of any or all of original metals for a period of 36 months. Any additional purchases of new metal above and beyond the first ounces purchased will be subject to the same fees structures. Renewal of these fees structures are automatic on the first purchase beyond 36 months unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by DELTA HARBOUR ASSETS INC. and the client.

  8. The Customer and DELTA HARBOUR ASSETS INC agree herein to first submit to binding arbitration any and all unsettled disputes, the results of which shall be an enforceable judgment, in favor of the prevailing party.

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